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Process for the Production of Components with a Precisely Defined Porosity


The technology relates to a process for a much cheaper and easier production of components with a precisely defined porosity. By applying the method of cold gas spraying, superior components can be produced, which are commonly used in separation processes or functional testing and calibration of leak detectors.


Porous components or components with a defined porosity are used, among other things, in separation processes and for functional testing and calibration of leak detectors for leak testing. In separation processes, a defined pore size is important for excluding the size of the mixture of substances to be separated. In connection with leak detectors, a defined gas permeability, often expressed as the leakage rate, is the decisive property.


Simple production of small leaks, which can be created as a component as well as introduced onto existing components. These can, for example, serve as reference leaks for leak detectors or for ultra-fine filtering, etc.


Production of nano / microporous layers using cold gas spraying.


  • Very easy to apply
  • Precisely defined porosity
  • Cheaper than established processes

Scope of application

Calibration leaks, filtering, all kinds of separation processes, especially useful in the context of very volatile substances like hydrogen.


If you have questions about the technology             
please refer to:

Name: Carsten Hoven

Institute: ZEA-1
Phone: 02461/61 6936

Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

Daniel Braun
+49 2461/61-85219
52425 Jülich

Development status


Patent situation

  • DE 102020207245.0 pending


Leakage, nanoporous, microporous, reference leak, test leak, fine filter, separation process

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