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1. BigPrint  
3D printer for large-volume components  
2. Single-Shot FT-Spectrometer "Tilt" with two-beam interferometer  
Scientists at the University of Stuttgart have developed two new methods for spatially resolved single-shot FT spectroscopy, which can be used to obtain hyperspectral image information of moving...  
3. Fiber composite anchoring pins for the connection of several components  
An additive joining technique developed at the University of Stuttgart makes it possible to connect individual components with each other positively using fiber-reinforced pins without the need for...  
4. Optically switched resonant-tunneling diode  
New component for touchscreens and optoelectronic circuits  
5. FLEXISENS - ultra-thin magnetic field sensor for new fields of application  
The Helmholtz Innovation Lab “FlexiSens” focuses on the development and application of a flexible and printable magnetic field sensors (Hall effect and magneto-resistive effects). We have developed...  
6. How to screen faster – Efficient identification of active ingredients against SARS-CoV-2 and chemical probes as inhibitors of the 3CL and PL proteases of coronaviruses  
Here, an extremely simple and effective screening method for the identification of cell-compatible drugs against viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, respectively effective inhibitors of their proteases such...  
7. Increased acetyl-CoA level in yeast due to deregulation of the coenzyme A-biosynthesis  
The invention concerns a process for optimizing the metabolism of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast).  
8. High-Redshift BODIPY Dyes  
High-Redshift BODIPY Dyes for 2-Photon Imaging  
9. 2D printable inorganic n-type thermoelectric materials for printable flexible high power density TEG  
Scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have developed environmentally stable and 2D printable inorganic thermoelectric materials on an Ag-Se n-type basis with high thermoelectric (TE) ...  
10. SMA therapy approach  
Down-regulation of NCALD in spinal muscular atrophy and diseases with a disturbed calcium homeostasis  

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