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1. Modular Cannula Device for Right Heart Ventricular Failure  
The device allows direct insertion of the cannula into place in one go and enables the correction of mistakes without needing to start over  
2. Nano-BioTransporter  
Polymer-particle light-cleavable carrier systems for photodynamic therapy (PDT)  
3. Spray freeze-drying  
A process for the spray freeze-drying of lipophilic compounds  
4. Process for the Production of Components with a Precisely Defined Porosity  
The technology relates to a process for a much cheaper and easier production of components with a precisely defined porosity. By applying the method of cold gas spraying, superior components can be...  
5. GAIPP  
Speed-adaptive isokinetic particle sampling  
The process according to the invention can be used primarily by manufacturers of cutting tools as well as by regrinding companies of rotationally symmetrical cutting tools. Such cutting tools are,...  
7. Diaplatin – a new and powerful active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) against cancer  
The new diaplatin complexes show activity against human cancer cell lines, thus proving their applicability in cancer therapy.  
8. MRGPRX4 Receptor Agonists and Antagonists  
New drug target for treating open and closed wounds as well as chronic pain and itch  
9. On-site analytics for aqeous solutions  
Fast and inexpensive on-site analysis for medically relevant substances such as glyphosate, toxins, pathogens, viruses or microRNA, which until now have usually been detected in the laboratory at...  
10. FlexOxy  
Manufacturing process for oxygenators of different volumes  

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