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Secure architecture for smart grid operation

Ref-Nr: TA-M052_14


“Links” are grid parts defined by secondary control. The standardized structures apply to HV, MV, LV grid or customer plants. Links are independent and interacting through well-defined interfaces with a minimum of data exchanged. All power posturing processes can be performed.


Distributed generation, volatile renewable energy, market attendance, data privacy and cyber security are serious challenges to the hierarchical operation of a power system. A decentralized overall model of power systems (Ilo, A., Energy supply chain net, 2013) created the fundament of the novel architecture. Three major components are designed: “Link”, “Producer_Complex” and “Storage_Complex”. Their interfaces are defined for all power system posturing processes like load–generation balance, n-1 security, demand response (Fig.1). The generic, base element is the “Link”. Being a standardized structure, defined by secondary control, the Link can be applied to any partition of the power grid, as a subset of a high, a medium or low voltage grid part, or simply a customer power plant.

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The technical-functional model for the operation of a decentralized smart grid comprises:

  • Links are grid parts defined by secondary control area and operating independently
  • Links have contractual arrangements with other Links and are communicating through well-defined interfaces, minimizing the number of data to be exchanged


  • Security and privacy of data inside the Link
  • Low IT costs and enhanced cyber security by minimizing data exchange
  • All power system posturing processes (the (n-1) security, the active power balance, angular and voltage stability calculation, demand response, etc.) can be performed for each link

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Decentralized smart grid, Cyber security, Load generation balance, n-1 security, Demand response

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