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Ref-Nr: TA-TA04656


The present invention relates to new, effective, price competitive, and environmentally preferable ionic fluorosurfactants for a broad range of applications.


Fluoroorganics, particularly fluorosurfactants, are widely used in a vast number of applications. These substances are well known for their excellent water and oil repellency, high gas solubility, as well as their unparalleled surfactant properties. Therefore, they are indispensable in omniphobic varnishes, firefighting foams, membranes, contact lenses, anti-fouling lacquers and in textile finishes. Unfortunately, most of these additives have raised ecotoxicological concerns, moreover they are bioaccumulative. Consequently, they are banned by governmental authorities worldwide. On the other hand, alternatives often lack sufficient properties or are not price-competitive. The main objective for technical applications is to provide a phase out compliant alternative to currently used systems.


A new class of more environmentally-friendly fluorosurfactants based on C6- or shorter perfluoroalkyl chains has been developed. A cationic group with at least 3 substituents builds the particular embodiment. By alteration of these substituents, properties such as water solubility, surface tension and the degree of fluorination can easily be tuned. By anion metathesis a plethora of entirely new ionic fluorosurfactants, ( either betaines or common salts), including dyestuffs, polymerisable systems, and ionic liquids, is accessible. The remarkable flexibility makes this class of surfactants useful in a broad range of technologies.


  • Not affected by current phase out regulations
  • Room temperature ionic liquids (no measurable vapor pressure) as lubri cants are available
  • Tunable solubility; ranging from insoluble in water up to a
  • solubility of 5 kg/L in water
  • Surface tension of water <25mN/m at conc. 0,05wt%
  • Polymerisable anions
  • Colored anions
  • Detachable fluorous ponytail at higher pH values reduction of (aqueous) waste process streams

Dr. David Lederbauer
+43 512 507-34403
Universität Innsbruck; ICT-Technologiepark, Technikerstraße 21a
6020 Innsbruck




  • EP EP16157380 anhängig


Surfactants, Entraining agents, Fire fighting foams, Omniphobic coatings, Anti-fouling coatings, Hydrogels, Membranes, Foam dampening agents, Polymers, Ski wax, Lubricants, Fluoropolymer processing, Corrosion inhibitors, Electroplating auxiliaries

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