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High-performance thermochemical energy storage concept with transition metal ammoniates on a matrix

Ref-Nr: TA-M020_2016


Thermochemical energy storage is a novel thermal energy storage technology that offers high energy density per volume and nearly loss-free storage at ambient temperature. The concept is based on the utilization of reversible reactions to store and release heat.


To support the global trend towards a renewable and responsible energy, the development of a sustainable energy management is crucial. One approach within this context is thermochemical energy storage, focused on the recycling of waste heat.

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Transition metal salts like copper sulfate react with ammonia reversibly under notable release of thermal energy, featuring an initial temperature increase beyond 350°C within seconds. Due to high energy densities of the storage material miniaturization and custom tailored solutions are possible.

This heat storage concept is predestined for application in energy production, industry (cement, steel, chemistry, drying processes) and mobile applications (e.g. thermoelectric generators or preheating of car catalysts).


  • High initial peak temperature
  • High energy density, fast reaction kinetics
  • Perfect cycle stability
  • Elimination of sintering, melting and volume changes


  • Industrial processes
  • Custom-tailored solutions
  • Heat-source for process integration
  • Link between exhaust heat and district heating

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Thermochemical energy storage, high energy density, rapid temperature increase, matrix support, transition metal ammoniate

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