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Production of Hydrosilanes

Ref-Nr: TA-13040/TUB


Method for the hydrosilylation of alkenes or for the production of hydrosilanes. Essentially it is used the so-called Lewis acid to solve common problems that occur when handling Me3SiH and Me2SiH2. Both Me3SiH and Me2SiH2 are in the gaseous phase flammable and potentially explosive. With this method, it is now possible to produce these substances in the hydrosilylation, since dealing with the gases can be avoided.


Alkene hydrosilylation is one of the prevalent methods for carbon-silicon bond formation in academic as well as in industrial settings. Usually catalyzed by precious late transition metal complexes, substantial progress is currently made in the design of catalysts based on more abundant and therefore potentially less expensive transition metals.

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However many of these silane catalysts like Me3SiH and Me2SiH2 are highly flammable and potentially explosive gases. Therefore the use of such catalysts is inconvenient from a safety point of view.

Up to now there are no practical methods capable of dealing with these safety issues. As silanes have a great potential within the hydrosilylation of alkenes, new methods for the use and/or the production of Hydrosilanes are needed.


The invention from scientists of the TU Berlin relates to the use of cyclohexa-2,5-dien-1-yl-silanes as viable hydrosilane precursors. It is revealed that Lewis acids were able to catalyze the release of hydrosilanes from cyclohexa-2,5-dien-1-yl-silanes without the necessity to deal with the potential explosive gaseous phase.


  • Safe production method for hydrosilanes
  • Less expensive hydrosylilation of alkenes


The method according to the invention could make the use of hydrosilanes less dangerous and therefore more feasible.


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Technische Universität Berlin

Jeanne Trommer
+49 30 314 24472
Fraunhoferstr. 33-36
10587 Berlin




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alkenes, Catalysis, Hydrosliylation, Lewis acid, precursor, Silanes

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