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Ozonation via Membrane Contactors

Ref-Nr: TA-14025/TUB


Provided is a gas-liquid contacting devices allowing a bubble-free entry of ozone-containing gases in liquid phases for the purpose of ozonation and a subsequent utilization of the remaining oxygen. The gas-liquid contact device consists of a bundle of hollow fiber membranes, wherein the two ends of the bundle element are connected gastightly by means of an ozone-resistant sealing each with an inlet port and an outlet port for the gas phase. Thus the gas phase can flow through the interior of the hollow fibers.


Synthetic substances like pharmaceuticals or plasticizers find their way into waste water and influence or even harm humans and the environment. The use of ozone is one method to destroy those contaminants, other ones are bacteria or viruses solved in water – however, all these methods afford high costs and a lot or energy, so they are not applicable in each case.

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Therefore, it was an aim of our development to provide an ozonation method for waste water that can save energy and resources to increase its applicability. This resulted in novel membrane reactors with special fluid distribution devices that allow a bubble-free immission of ozoniferous gases into the liquid phase.

Moreover, this system allows to reuse the oxygen that remains within the gas phase after contacting the ozoniferous gas with the liquid phase.


  • Modular structure à system is easily scalable to the requested capacity
  • Achieved plug flow enables a better ozone utilization
  • Reduced space requirements


In contrast to conventional ozone reactors that are currently used for the ozonation of drinking water, of process water and of waste water, the novel systems can reduce space requirements and operational costs. Moreover, it allows to treat waste waters that tend to strong foaming without any problems.


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Technische Universität Berlin

Jeanne Trommer
+49 30 314 75916
Fraunhoferstr. 33-36
10587 Berlin




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membrane reactor, ozonation, ozone, waste water, water treatment

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