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Molecular white-light emitter


The innovation presented herein, provides a new type of (white) light source with a most brilliant emission characteristic for applications, e.g. automobile headlights.


Modern light-sources for illumination are usually based on light-emitting diodes (LED). White-light LEDs are using galliumnitride (GaN) and phosphors, so that the narrow-band ultraviolet (UV) emission of GaN is converted into visible light. The emission characteristics of these LEDs are of lambertian-type, i.e. the light is emitted over a broad dihedral angle.

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This emission characteristic is useful for applications like displays which require large viewing angles. For applications requiring a more brilliant emission characteristic it is necessary to place an optical lense in front of the LED.


The innovation presented herein, provides a new type of (white) light source with a most brilliant emission characteristic for applications which need brilliant white-light, e.g. automobile headlights.The innovation uses amorphous materials composed of sym-metry-free, diamondoid-like cluster molecules which are readily available from ubiquitous resources instead of phospors for the conversion of infrared (IR) light into white-light. The emission characteristic of the original IR-light is to a great extent pre-served, so that by use of, e.g., IR-Laser-diodes the brilliancy of the IR-excitation-light is preserved within the emitted white-light, resulting in an extraordinary brilliant source of white-light.


The excitation frequency of the new method for the conversion of invisible light into visible white-light is using infrared light instead of ultraviolet light. The brilliancy of the excitation light-source is maintained throughout the whole conversion process so that, e.g. by use of an IR-laser-diode as source of excitation light, the brilliancy of the original laser light is preserved within the finally emitted white-light.


The invention can be applied advantageously in any application that needs brilliant white-light, e.g. headlights of any type, microscopes, projecting systems etc., within science, technology and economy (optoelektronics / illuminating engineering).

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  • PCT /EP 2017/063274 anhängig


LED, frequency-conversion IR/VIS, brilliancy, white-.ight, emitter, automotive, automobile headlights, microscopes,optoelektronic, illuminating engineering

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