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New medicinal product for therapy of peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD)



A new pharmaceutical for the treatment of PAOD has been developed. The pharmaceutical is based on the patient’s own cells. The treatment can be applied with minimal invasion.


PAOD ranks among the most frequent chronic diseases worldwide, with prevalence still increasing. Its incidence is strongly correlated with aging, and the risk of developing coronary heart disease is very high. Common therapies comprise mechanical interventions such as angioplasty, which are not suitable for a considerable number of patients.

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Recently there is a movement to employ cell therapeutic approaches. Increased growth of collateral vessels has been achieved transplanting allogenic cells. However, this entails several risks: the rejection of the foreign cells, the transmission of pathogens, and tumor formation, using stem cells.


The new pharmaceutical consists of the body`s own cells, which are modified ex vivo and reintroduced. Important for the efficacy is the immunization of the individual before the cells are injected. This leads to growth of collateral vessels, which results in an almost normal blood flow. The potential of the method has already been shown in animal models (mice, rabbits).

  • Donor of cells = Recipient – no rejection of cells
  • Cells modified to make them “foreign” by incubation with protein which is long approved for immunization
  • No gene therapy
  • Minimal invasion
  • Short time in hospital
  • Proposed intervention
    - take blood from the patient
    - immunize patient with protein used for cell modification
    - modify cells ex vivo
    - reinject modified cells


  • Medizin und Pharma
  • Therapie und Wirkstoffe
  • Zelltherapie
  • Therapie von PAOD


The ESA PVA seeks on behalf of the Otto-von-Guericke University and its medical faculty licensees especially in Germany and Europe. The scientific guidance for an industrial partner can be ensured in suitable manner.

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Peripheral arterial occlusive disease, PAOD, peripheral artery disease, PAD, peripheral vascular occlusive disease, PVOD, Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, ATMP, somatic cell therapy, immune cell, immunization, collateral vessel growth, cell modification, ex vivo

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