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Dynamic 3D Cell Culture for drug and radiotracer evaluation

Ref-Nr: TA-698.17


We hereby present a novel, preclinical, 3 dimensional analysis method and system for the evaluation of substances and compounds labelled with radio- or fluorescence tracers. The system is composed of a mobile phase (cell culture media) and a stationary phase consisting of cells, spheroids, organoids or co-culture systems embedded in a flexible biomaterial. Analysis is performed with a radio- or fluorescence detector (i.e. µPET or µSPECT). Compared to existing systems, our method and device attains a higher measurement throughput and enables the evaluation of drugs and radiotracers independent of animal testing.


Currently, preclinical evaluation of compounds is mainly based on 2D cell culture, to a minor extent also a 3D cell culture both followed by in vivo animal testing. Often, the predictive ability of cell culture methods is limited and drugs fail in animal testing as the 2D cell culture based test systems are not able to sufficiently visualize the in vivo situation.
Our technology allows the analysis of 3 dimensional tissue cultures derived either from 2D cell cultures, spheroids, organoids, or co-cultures thereof in a column-based assay.


Our novel system enables a flow of a mobile phase through a biological stationary phase containing f.e. tumor spheroids embedded in a flexible bioscaffold. The continuous or interstitial flow furthermore imitates blood flow and leads to tissue penetration of the drug. Therefore, offering a more in vivo like situation and higher validity of the experiments.


  • Efficient & fast evaluation of PET (or other) tracers or drugs
  • High measurement throughpu
  • Low costs
  • Ready-to-use columns
  • No animal testing


  • Multicell Cultivation
  • Drug evaluation
  • Medical imaging Christiane Galhaup
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3D Cell culture, Multicell Cultivation, Drug evaluation, Medical imaging, radiotracer evaluation

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