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Ref-Nr: TA-4522


Disposable co-cultures chamber for on-site toxicity testing


Biological safety testing is required for air quality in the human environment such as cities, public buildings, and production sites for drugs and cosmetics, medical materials and for other applications. Such testing previously involved local sample taking, isolated transport of preserved samples to a suitable cell culture lab, and cultivation of complex cellular test systems with the samples.

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The present invention provides a disposable system for co-cultures of cells to be used in mobile measurement units and facilitates biological sample testing outside of a cell culture lab.

The invention is a multi-chamber system with each of the particular chambers (5) having at least one inlet (10) and outlet (11) for cell culture medium or other liquids for processing the test. 

The chambers are separated in two compartments (6 and 7) by a semi-permeable membrane (4) that allows free exchange of culture media, but not of cultivated cells. This arrangement allows to build complex multicellular experimental setups as tissue models.


  • Cell culture operation outside a biological lab.
  • Dose response testing of local air Pollution


The technology is offered for licensing and joint venture for further development.

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Biologische Sicherheit, Zellkultur, biological safety, cell culture

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