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Polyphenol Transport via Fusogenic Liposomes Against Oxidative Cell Stress


Technology for the production and application of a molecule mixture to transfer polyphenols into target mammalian cells leading to protection against oxidative diseases.


The Institute of Complex Systems at Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH developed a new technology to transfer synthetic and natural polyphenols, e.g. resveratrol (RSV), into target mammalian cells leading to protection against oxidative diseases. The new technology includes the production and application of a molecule mixture, which allows the delivery of polyphenols into living cells with extraordinary high efficiency without generation of side effects.

The technology has been extensively and successfully tested on living cells (Csiszár et al. J of Gerontol A (2015) 70, 303) and tissue. At the current stage, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH is looking for a cooperation to realize ideas for extended research in vivo and to transfer the existing knowledge into economic and societal value.

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The use of polyphenols is currently associated with various problems:

  • High concentrations are necessary to achieve a therapeutic effect (99% of active substance without cellular absorption).
  • Undesired oxidation in aqueous environments leads to a depletion of the effect.
  • Existing methods neither allow a controlled release of the substance nor a fast access to cells nor protect the active ingredient sufficiently against undesirable oxidation processes.


  • The developed liposomes stabilize the polyphenol in the lipid bilayers and protect them against oxidization.
  • The liposomes merge with the plasma membrane of target mammalian cells in a way that polyphenols can be inserted into cells fast, controlled and highly efficient.


  • In small dose polyphenols prevent cells from over-oxidation. Hence, a therapeutic agent based on the described technology can be an effective medication for the treatment of oxidative disease processes.
  • Moreover, the substance has a rejuvenating effect on cells and can be used for cosmetic treatments or as a component for cosmetic products. As a cosmetic product, the molecule mixture can be used in lotions and creams.
  • High concentration of the active substance have a toxic effect, which can be applied to damage cancer cells. As a medication, the local injection of the formulation is possible.

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Polyphenol, Liposome, Cancer Therapy, Oxidative Disease Process, Cell Rejuvenation

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