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Prophylaktische Impfung gegen Hautkrebs

Ref-Nr: TA-MBM-BioT-0448-UMG


Malignes Melanoma ist der Krebs mit der stärksten Zunahme an Fällen in der weißen Bevölkerung, mit einer Verdopplung der Fälle jede 10 Jahre. In einer Studie mit fast 100.000 Personen wurde die Gelbfieberimpfung als ein prophylaktische Vakzine gegen Malignes Melamona identifiziert.


Malignant Melanoma is the most rapidly increasing cancer in white populations with a doubling of rates every 10 years. Göttinger inventors identified in a study with almost 100.000 subjects an antigen being the basis for a prophylactic vaccine against malignant melanoma. Particularly the Yellow Fever Vaccine (YFV) could be used for this aim.


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In white populations incidence rate of malignant melanoma is between 5 and 50 new cases per 100.000 per year. Malignant melanoma is the most rapidly increasing cancer in white populations with a doubling of rates every 10 years. Of every 75 Americans born in 2000, one will develop malignant melanoma in their lifetime. In the case of thin melanomas surgical excision may offer a curative approach. However, for later stages or high-risk patients no adjuvant therapy of proven efficacy exists.


The findings are based on epidemiological analysis of relation between vaccinations and melanoma occurrence, identifying a specific antigen. Studies are based on yellow fever (YFV), vaccinia (smallpox) and BCG (tuberculosis) vaccines. The YFV performes very much better than the other two.

We have found that these vaccines as well as >70 human pathogenic micro-organisms comprise polypeptides having significant homologies to a target antigen on melanoma cells, on their presumed precursors, the congenital and dysplastic naevi cells, as well as on several other cancer cells. We further identified existing vaccines, which comprise polypeptides with homology to the target antigen, e.g. yellow fever vaccine, japanese encephalitis, etc.. We were able to provoke an immune response in Rhesus monkeys against melanoma cells after vaccination against yellow fever.

Indeed many other cancers like breast cancer show the same or a homolog antigen, meaning that the same vaccine would have a partial prophylactic effect on these cancers too. Melanoma incidence increases drastically in Europe and North America.

In addition to the known change in sun exposure habits the discontinuation of vaccinia and BCG vaccinations is of great importance. As an example, on the basis that yellow fever vaccine is used to vaccinate the white population in Europe, the USA and Australia we roughly estimate a market potential of over 800 million €/p.a. (~ US$ 960 million/p.a.) within the next 20 years.


  • Reducing by 90% the risk of developing cutaneous malignant melanoma with current Yellow Fever Vaccine (YFV)!
  • Risk of breast cancer is highly reduced with current YFV!
  • Proven by epidemiological analysis of 80.000 subjects.
  • Based on existing vaccines, e.g. Yellow Fever vaccine or Japanese encephalitis B vaccine.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccine has long lasting protection.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccine has excellent safety record.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccine is easy and cheap to manufacture.
  • Yellow Fever vaccination of Rhesus monkeys was shown to induce immune reactions against melanoma cells.
  • Alternatively DNA based or synthetic vaccines could also be realized.


Prophylactic vaccine against Malignant Melanoma and other cancers.

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