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Switching of gas transport through metal-organic framework membranes by electric fields


Als Anwendungsgebiete für die Erfindung werden gesehen: Sensorik, Speichern und Freisetzen von Gasen, Biomedizintechnik, Air Conditioning, CO2 Capture and Storage, Paraffin/Olefin Trennung, Triggered Release


Processes for the production of MOF membranes as supported thin layers are known. The application of electric fields in membrane separation is described in US 6043066: biological cells with an electrical charge are separated by a membrane under the influence of an electric field. There are examples to control and switch the transport of charged molecules through membranes by means of electric fields.

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A disadvantage of the separation performance of the metal-organic framework material membranes mentioned above is that they show flexibility and gas separation performance is lowered by that. Furthermore, the MOF membranes are called “molecular sieves” but they show no clear molecular sieving properties.


It is an object of the present invention to provide a technique for the control of gas transport through the membrane which makes it possible to fine-tune gas flux and gas composition which go through the membrane. This goal is achieved by using electric fields, sharpen molecular sieving and stiffen the network.


  • In the novel process, gas transport through a supported MOF membrane, a self-supporting MOF membrane and a Mixed Matrix Membrane containing MOF crystals as filler can be controlled.
  • The novel process is particularly suitable for the production of gas mixtures with a cer-tain composition and for the switch of the amount of gas passing the membrane.
  • By applying the electric field, gas flow through the membrane can become higher or lower and the selectivity of the sep-aration can become higher and lower.
  • The passage of the components of a gas mixture through the membrane can be tuned by electric fields.


Chemical Synthesis and Purification, Industrial Membrane Separation Processes, Triggered Release of Substances


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CO2 Capture and Storage, Electric Fields, Energie- und Energiespeichertechnik, Gas Separation Membranes, Metal-Organic Frameworks, Molecular Sieving, Nanotechnologie, Paraffine / Olefine Separation, Triggered Release, Umwelttechnik, Verfahrenstechnik

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