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DMHP – Deterministic Machine Hammer Peening for precise and controlled surface treatment of industrial parts

Ref-Nr: TA-M008/2017


The new-patented actuator system for machine hammer peening with a highly dynamic short-stroke linear reluctance motor allows for the first time to control and monitor the entire mechanical surface treatment process in order to achieve the desired material characteristics.


Many components in industrial practice need to be finished by surface modification processes in order to assure certain properties such as fatigue and corrosion resistance or specific tribological characteristics. These goals can be achieved by Machine Hammer Peening (MHP), a mechanical surface treatment technology, where a spherical tool tip periodically hits against the workpiece surface.
Current MHP actuators work according to the resonance principle and therefore do not provide precise controlling of the machining parameters

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The newly developed actuator system allows to accurately set and control each single movement of the hammer, and thus to craft freely programmable structures. In doing so, the new actuator is exceeding acceleration values of available systems by a factor of 10 or more. Defining the combination of individual impacts and the entire specification of the motion profile, resulting material properties can be controlled in a targeted manner with industry standard measuring equipment. Furthermore, this allows the detection of material inhomogeneities.


  • Single-Stroke-Controlled deterministic machining hammering process for eg. polishing, structuring
  • Easy implementation in an existing production process
  • Traceability and ongoing quality control of every single hammer stroke
  • Protects components of the machine tool from unwanted kickback forces
  • Optimized processing time due to a high frequency range




  • Smoothing
  • Structuring
  • Induction of compressive
  • residual stresses
  • Increase of surface hardness
  • Change in crystal lattice

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Machine hammer peening, Linear reluctance motor, Smoothing, Structuring, Induction of compressive residual stresses, Increase of surface hardness, Change in crystal lattice

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