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Safe and effective preventative Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) vaccine

Ref-Nr: TA-P-1309


This invention provides a safe Epstein-Barr Virus vaccine, which does not introduce chromosomal instabilities associated with cancer development.


Experts estimate that an EBV vaccine could prevent 2% of all cancer cases worldwide. Until now no method for producing a safe and efficient vaccine against EBV has been developed. This vaccine uses “virus-like particles” (VLP), devoid of detectable genetic material, to mimic an EBV infectious particle. While these particles prompt the body to mount an immune response they are themselves innocuous, thus making the vaccine much safer.


  • Can be used prophylactically
  • Induces strong immune response
  • Removes side effects associated with current EBV vaccines
  • Improved safety profile


This vaccine lacks the ability of EBV particles to induce chromosome instability and chromosomal associated with cancer development. In particular, EBV particles in this vaccine do not enter the cytosol and/or nucleus of cells, making it significantly safer than existing alternatives.


DKFZ is currently seeking a commercial partner to develop this technology under an exclusive license and/or collaboration agreement to commence clinical trials. 


Convincing in vitro and in vivo data are available showing the absence of chromosomal instability after treatment with the new generation VLP. Animal studies looking at safety and efficacy of the VLPs are currently being conducted.

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