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Chromatic Phase Plate for Nanoscopy


Novel chromatic phase plate designed for STED or RESOLFT fluorescence light microscopy.


In order to achieve an ideal STED and RESOLFT fluorescence light microscopy result it is essential to generate a local intensity minimum at the focus point for stimulating or fluorescence-inhibiting light. On the other hand excitation light has to display a local intensity maximum at the focus point. Traditional chromatic waveplates are limited especially by a narrow wavelength range for the stimulating beam (typically +/- 5 nm).

The presented technology provides a chromatic phase plate that allows for a much wider (many 10nm) wavelength range that shapes the wavefronts of stimulation light, resulting in an intensity minimum at the focus point while, at the same time, extending the range of excitation light formed to a regular focus spot.  

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  • Chromatic phase plate designed for STED or RESOLFT fluorescence light microscopy.
  • Wavefronts of stimulation light over a wide range of wavelengths are shaped.




Wavefronts of excitation light are unaffected.


The chromatic phase plate is particularly suitable for STED or RESOLFT fluorescence light microscopy. Laser with wider wavelength ranges such as TiSa laser can be used with the chromatic phase plates presented here. A single phase plate can be used to match a number of laser lines from lasers such as RAMAN comb lasers without replacing and readjusting the system.  

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