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Micro-diamond synthesis – a revolutionary new approach


Scientists from Goethe University Frankfurt am Main developed a new method for micro-diamond synthesis. The method facilitates diamond formation at much lower pressure and temperature compared to established procedures.


Multiple successful experiments showed the crystallization of diamonds after only 6-15hours at 5-7GPa and 1200-1300°C. These parameters are remarkably lower compared to other industrial applicable methods. In addition the diamonds form without the need of a seed crystal and contain no metal impurities.


Existing high-pressure-high-temperature methods need to work with extremely high pressure and temperature to allow synthetic diamond formation.


The basic idea about the method is the usage of a carboncontaining
fluid instead of graphite for diamond synthesis. Special
inner and outer capsules together with an adapted pressure
medium have been developed that successfully resolve occurring
issues using a fluid medium as starting material instead of a solid,
e.g. the stabilization of hydrogen fugacity and inhibition of hydrogen
The composition of the carbon-containing fluid, the selection of
involved high-pressure materials as well as the pressure and
temperature parameters have been carefully optimized to produce
a remarkable amount of synthesized micro-diamonds.


• Lower costs of synthetic diamond production due to only 5-7GPa pressure and 1200-1300°C temperature
• Much faster (<< 1day) reaction compared to established methods
• No seed crystal needed and no metal impurities
• Method compatible to existing high-pressure-high-temperature methods


Synthetic diamond formation


• The technology can be licensed or assigned
• Collaborations regarding further development are welcome

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