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Piezo-controlled Positioning & Driving of Multi Leaf Collimators

Ref-Nr: TA-P-973


  • Novel concept for driving and controlling of multi leaf collimators based on the piezo electric effect
  • Leaf bedding and positioning is directly combined with leaf driving


Currently, multi leaf collimators (MLC) are established and state of the art in numerous devices for radiotherapy used for cancer treatment. However, the established MLC comprising 80 and more leafs require an enormous space at the level of the leaves for corresponding drive and controlling elements if realized with normal electric motors. Since space is very limited within the head of linear accelerators the invention proposes a new small and convenient driving/controlling device based on piezoelectricity, which is directly coupled to the leaves and their driving rods.

A prototype of the piezo-driven multi leaf collimator is in preparation in order to test it in pilot studies.

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  • Enables a faster and more precise leaf controlling with almost no friction and tolerance
  • Convenient and space-saving compared to normal electric motors


  • Compared to normal electric motors the piezodriven leaf needs no further transmission elements between motor and leaf.
  • This results in a reduction of needed devices and of the leaf length saving material costs.
  • Simplified control of driving element enables faster and more precise leaf positioning with higher velocity and ramp action.
  • No mechanic vernier adjustments are needed anymore.


The technology can be used for developing and distribution of a new generation of multi leaf collimators driven and controlled by piezoelectricity.

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