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MMOUE - An optical transmission system with increased capacity


An optical transmission system with increased capacity


MMOUE is an optical data transmission system, which uses in addition to the wavelength division multiplexing a mode multiplexing in order to increase the transmission rate. The use of multiple orthogonal modes of the same wavelength allows the easy separation of the signals at the receiver increasing the transmission capacity significantly.

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A plurality of signals of different modes per wavelength are generated on the transmitter side. The signals are then combined via a mode multiplexer and a wavelength division multiplexer and coupled to a fiber. The order of multiplexing is freely selectable. The transmission and the optical amplification are performed in multimode technology. On the receiver side, the signals are separated with a wavelength demultiplexer and a mode demultiplexer and fed to the corresponding channels. Again, the sequence of demultiplexing is selectable.  Since during transmission coupling of the modes can occur, the signals are processed before further processing to remove the interference components and to increase signal quality.


  • Increased transmission capacity
  • Cheap
  • Compatible to existing systems
  • Simple system change


The demand for optical transmission capacity increases by 50 to 100% per year. If the maximum transmission capacity of a fiber is reached, the transmission capacity can only be increased by the costly laying of new lines. With MMOUE the transmission capacity of a fiber can be cost-effectively increased by replacing the receiver and transmitter modules.


Patents have been applied in several countries, which are already granted. On behalf of the Technical University of Dortmund, we offer interested companies licenses to the invention and possibilities for further development of the technology.

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