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Compact unit for cost-efficient punch ­velocity control

Ref-Nr: TA-B76058


  • Velocity modulation with respect to the upper stage tool velocity
  • Simulataneous operation
  • Quality improvement of the workpiece


The mechanical manufacturing of a workpiece consists of different operations. To improve the efficien-cy of the overall process, these operations are usually executed in parallel. This is realized equipping an upper stage tool with several different active elements. Each of these elements executes a specific operation. The main problem of this approach is, that the optimal operational efficiency of the diffe-rent active elements is reached at different operational velocities. To optimize the overall process, it is necessary to find a compromise between the different operational velocities.

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This invention consist of a compact displacement transmitter, which allows for tuning the operatio-nal speed of the single active elements, so that each of those can operate at its best conditions. This transmitter is based on hydraulic displacement transmission. The transmission ratio can be adjusted by changing the diameter of a large and a small punch. This invention has in particular the following advantages:

  • The transmitter can be easily integrated into existing tools;
  • The trasmitter allows either for an increase or a descrease of the velocity of the active element with respect to the velocity of the upper stage tool;
  • All active elements are coupled and act simultaneously on the workpiece although at different velocities;
  • Overall, the process becomes more efficient and the quality of the produced workpiece is improved.


The invention can be applied for industrial stamp operation.

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