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Packing solution for fixing pot plants and other sensitive products

Ref-Nr: TA-B76191


  • Safe transportation of sensitive goods
  • Cost effective
  • Less package material


The mail-order trade with potted plants or other sensitive products places particular demands on packaging for a safe and clean transport of the goods. While the share of mail-order sales in Germany has almost increased by a factor of twenty since the year 2000, the mail-order share in the garden market has almost doubled in the same period. A major obstacle to the exploitation of the market potential is the problem of ingenious and cost-effective transport packaging. Currently, the standard is a relatively expensive plastic blister that has to be provided for different plant sizes and shapes, plus filling material for the cartons, so that the plant is not damaged in the box. Therefore, there is a need for significantly cheaper packaging.

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The invention by Hochschule Augsburg describes a packaging method for securely fixing potted plants into shipping cartons. A shrink tube and film clamps are used to fix the plant. A tighter fixing is achieved by heating the shrink tube accordingly, so that by shrinking the flower pot is pressed tightly to the cardboard bottom.


  • Safe, cost-effective packaging for plants and other sensitive products
  • Only a few different packaging materials are needed
  • Good size independent solution for fixation

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