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Fuel and additives for biofuel formulation

Ref-Nr: TA-B77015


  • Green fuel with improved combustion and viscosity/freezing point
  • Lower particulates and exhaust gas emissions compared to petroleum diesel
  • Highly effective, non-toxic natural antioxidants for long storage life


With fossil energy resources shrinking, fuels based on renewable resources are becoming ever more important. Compared with petroleum diesel, biofuels contain virtually no sulfur and can have favorable lubrication properties. Despite these advantageous qualities, current formulations for oil-based biofuels or biodiesels have several drawbacks: For example, high viscosity leading to incomplete combustion, higher soot emissions and lowered efficiency. Also, high freezing points often restrict usage of biofuels in colder climates. Currently, toxic ­additives are necessary to amend some of these drawbacks.

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The innovative technology describes the formulation of a green biofuel based on rapeseed oil as raw material. Non-toxic additives (anti-oxidants, viscosity agents, etc.) are used to obtain a green fuel with favorable, soot-free combustion. The fuel also features lowered ­particulates, carbon monoxide and carbohydrate emissions, a long storage life, low viscosity and low ­freezing point. The latter qualities permit usage of the biofuel also in cold climates. In ­summary, the inventive biofuel compares very favorably to established biodiesel formulations, and what is more, in comparison to petroleum diesel.
The biofuel can also be formulated such that e.g. farmers could simply blend their own ­rapeseed oil with a prefabricated mixture of the remaining components for direct use in agricultural ­engines.


The inventive biofuel presents an alternative to petroleum diesel and can generally be used for diesel engines. Thus, commercial opportunities are:

  • Ready-to-use diesel fuel for petrol stations
  • Pre-fabricated fuel base to which rapeseed oil can be added

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