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Robotic phantom for medical applications

Ref-Nr: TA-0873-00107


Robotic phantom for the validation of imaging and radiotherapy of moving tissue structures


4D phantoms of the human thorax are needed both for the research, development and clin-ical validation of new 4D radiotherapy technologies and for the quality control of these tech-nologies in clinical practice. The challenge here is to imitate the movement of a tumor as accurately as possible. Another challenge is the implementation of realistic radiophysical properties of a 4D phantom.

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The invention is a special phantom robot, which allows any movement of a tumor imitation (target), especially according to physiological models. The target has the possibility to meas-ure the incident radiation dose. The solution enables the target to be moved in a box that can be filled with liquid. This allows the implementation of realistic radiation-physical prop-erties.


• Human-equivalent structure through the use of tissue-equivalent materials
• Human-equivalent movements through the feasibility of arbitrary movement patterns
• Measurement capabilities through real-time recording of the target position as well as the dosimetry  within the target
• Universal applicability due to simplified modularity and expandability
• Efficient use due to high robustness and reliability, portability and fast preparation of tests


• Granted patent in Germany.
• Development status: Prototype
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