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Lithium-ion battery load carrier

Ref-Nr: TA-2208


Function-integrated Lithium-ion battery load carrier


There are three common cell geometries of lithium-ion batteries on the market: Pouch cells, cylindrical cells and prismatic cells. The manufacturing process for all cell geometries is done in several steps. Whereas the first steps of the production do not require major adjustments, the later steps of cell assembly and cell conditioning require own goods carriers and own production lines depending on the cell geometry resulting in high investment and space costs.

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The invention is a novel load carrier for the formation of battery cells featuring an integrated thermal management and contacting system. It is meant to be used in the cell conditioning (cell finishing) of lithium-ion battery cells. The battery cells are located in the carrier throughout the manufacturing process. In contrast to conventional product carriers, the novel load carrier enables the formation of different cell geometries and formats on one manufacturing plant. This results in considerable savings in terms of investment, operating and space costs.


·        One formation production line can be used for all cell geometries

·        Cost savings in the range of several hundred thousand euros


·        Patent application at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. The patent application pending is not yet published in the Patent Gazette. Only after the first publication of the patent application, the applicant can derive rights therefrom and can especially claim compensation from third parties.

·        Development status: Fully functional prototype

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