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Broadband antenna having polarization dependent output


  • Easy to manufacture on multilayer substrate
  • Efficient dual-polarized broadband operation
  • Ability to be operated as a phased array


The proliferation of connected mobile and embedded devices in fields such as V2V and V2Xcommunication, telemedicine, industrial IOT, and smart homes has put an ever-increasing demand on the existing communication infrastructure. Many of these applications require highdata transmission rates and low latency. The latter being especially important for safety critical applications. Both of these requirements will be met by modern 5G Networks. Thesenetworks exploit mm-wavelengths, where large network speeds can be reached through theabundance of available bandwidth. However, these advancements also put additional requirements on the hardware. Specifically, this leads to an increased complexity in the area ofantenna technology to meet the demand for higher frequencies, larger bandwidths, and theability to perform beamforming. This increase in complexity is accompanied by increased fabrication costs.

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The invention is a novel antenna design. This design enables efficient dual-polarized broadband operation, with low cross-polarization, the ability to operate as a phased array, andeliminates back radiation. Crucially, manufacturing the novel antenna is relatively straightforward due to its simple geometry and the fact that it can be integrated on a multilayer substrate.


The antenna supports the mm-wavelength bands used for 5G and point-to-point communication and is thus useful for a plethora of applications requiring large bandwidths and/or low latency, such as:

  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) or Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication
  • Smart factories
  • Telemedicine

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