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Assay for Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer

Ref-Nr: TA-TM1063


Ovarian cancer (OC) is a malignant tumour of the ovaries or fallopian tubes and is the most fatal gynaecologic tumour. This technology utilizes new biomarkers in plasma or peritoneal fluid for the diagnosis or prognosis of ovarian cancer.


The concentration of these biomarkers can be measured by an antibody-based proximity extension assay (PEA), alternatively by ELISA-based techniques, or by antibody- or aptamer-based microarrays.

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The product is an antibody-based proximity extension assay PEA) or ELISA. The product includes a calculation of multi marker scores, which can be applied easily by physicians. The product could be implemented in the guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of OC.


This new technology improves the diagnosis of ovarian cancer (OC) by solving the following tasks:

  • Diagnosis of early stage ovarian cancer
  • Detection of recurrences during or after treatment of ovarian cancer (staging)
  • Control of therapy efficacy in patients with ovarian cancer, including anti-angiogenic and immune therapies


One application field of the technology is the diagnosis of ovarian cancer (OC), especially in early stage patients. Another application field is the monitoring of OC patients during or after treatment.


On behalf of its shareholder Philipps-Universität Marburg TransMIT GmbH is looking for licensees or cooperation partners for further development in Europe.

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diagnostic kit, antibody-based proximity extension assay (PEA), immunoassay (ELISA), ovarian cancer (OC), biomarkers, early stage diagnosis of OC, prognosis of OC, monitoring of OC recurrence

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