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new and versatile way to multifunctional[cd,lm]-annellated perylenes and their homlogues

Ref-Nr: TA-TM 1026


Neue Schlüsselverbindungen für die Herstellung von organischen Laserfarbstoffen, Pigmenten, organische Lochleiter, organische Elekrtonenleiter Fluoreszenzemitter, organische Solarzellen und OLEDs.


Extremely versatile and flexible way of manufacturing tetrafunctionalized Pyrenes, Perylenes and higher homologues.

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Pyrenes and perylenes are well known organic materials with interesting electronic characteristics, e.g. fluorescence, electrical conductivity etc., which make them to be highly intersting compunds for the development of organic electronics. Especially for their application in the field of organic electronics, but also for tailoring their fluorescence-characteristics, it is necessary to have convenient access to multifunctionalized compounds.


The production method for the multifunctional pyrenes, perylenes and their homolgues containes as critical step the usage of the corresponding tosylates, triflates, nonaflates etc. as reactive intermediates, which was unknown before within this class of condensed polyaromatic systems.

By doing so the presented synthetic route gains a huge amount of flexibility and ease of modification which was unknown in perylene- resp. pyrene-chemistry before.



    • Organic electronics
    • Organic dyes and pigemts

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Chemical Synthesis, Perylenes, Pyrenes, Organic electronics, Organic dyes, fluorescent Materials, organic field-effect transistors (OFETs), organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs)

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