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Bidirectional communication device for blind and visually impaired

Ref-Nr: TA-UHD-027


The present invention relates to a method for bidirectional man-machine communication and an electronic input/output device suitable for said method. The present invention consits of a pluraty of haptic zones adapted for receiving tactile input of a user and for generating tactile feedback perceivable by a user.


There are issues in accessibility for communication when relying on voice and speech. Screen reading technology and voice and speech recognition software can be complex and prone to errors. Smartphone touch screen keyboards are hard to use without the ability to see the exact position of buttons. External keyboards, keypads and braille displays introduce another layer of reduced usability and errors between user and smartphone.

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Current attempts at solutions in the general field are either bulky, complex, non-intuitive, invasive (non-discreet) or a combination of some or all of these issues.


The current invention addresses these problems by adding a pattern of haptic zones to the back of a standard smartphone. A simple smartphone case is connected to the host phone using Bluetooth. The new invention allows for simultaneous two way communication through the fingertips without the need to look at or see the device. Each button represents a braille dot and is covered by a finger on the back of the phone. To type in data, the user can simultaneously press the individual zones (acting like buttons) that correspond to a braille character. To read, the user will feel the braille pattern being transmitted through the haptic zones into the individual finger tips. The controller communicates with any modern iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth LE and works with any app by emulating a keyboard on operating system level. The battery capacity allows usage for more than one day.


  • simple and noncomplex device
  • Communication with any modern iOS Android phone via Bluetooth possible
  • any App can be used by emulating a keyboard on operating system level
  • two way communication without looking at or seeing the device
  • easy handling due to using braille pattern being transmitted though haptic zones
  • battery capacity for more than 24 hours


New device supporting blind or visually impaired using smartphones, tablets etc.


A license for production and distribution is offered, exclusive or non-exclusive.

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  • EP 19161570.7 anhängig


communication device for blind, bidirectional non-verbal communication, smartphone, tablet

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