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Quick-healing consumer care emulsion for poorly healing wounds

Ref-Nr: TA-X19014


  • Emulsion for poorly healing skin wounds and sunburn
  • Accelerates healing & prevents wound infections with pathogens
  • Strongly reduced skin transplant frequency in test hospital


Skin wounds resulting from burns, abrasions or scratches – e.g. in chronic skin diseases like atopic eczema and psoriasis – often heal poorly once granulation of the injured tissue occurs, and especially in difficult to access areas, e.g. in skin folds.

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The innovation is an emulsion with a threefold action principle: antiseptic treatment, control of granulation and promotion of reepithelialisation. The emulsion is suitable for both hospital and clinic use as well as for consumer health care. It has been used experimentally and very successfully for several years at our inventor’s hospital; especially for children with burn wounds, but also for all kinds of other poorly healing skin wounds as well as for sun burn with blister formation, for which it shows very quick and effective alleviation.  The frequency of skin transplants and other surgical measures, especially for burn wound therapy in children, was drastically lowered by using the innovative treatment. The documented cases show that infections with hospital pathogens are very effectively prevented and infections already diagnosed before treatment start quickly clear up.


Therapeutic emulsion for use in hospital, clinic and consumer care. Suitable indications are badly healing skin damages of various kinds:

  • Small to large burn wounds
  • abrasions
  • scratch wounds, e.g. from atopic eczema, psoriasis, insect bites
  • Sun burn with blister formation

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