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Manufacturing: Adaptation of the punching speed for forming processes

Ref-Nr: TA-B76058


  • Reusable standard component (normalcy)
  • Improved quality with higher output
  • Increased efficiency of the entire tool


When processing sheet metal semi-finished products in follow-up tools, various process steps such as punching, bending or stamping take place simultaneously. The individual process steps are mechanically connected to each other and to the press ram by the tool head plate. Therefore, the speed of the active elements of the different process stages is identical and thus always a compromise in favor of the „slowest“ production step. In terms of quality, however, stamping, bending and embossing processes achieve their optimum results at different working speeds. Ideally, punching is faster than bending, and for embossing a lower speed is optimal. Accordingly, both the quality of the „faster“ processes and the output of the press is limited by the „slowest“ production step.

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With the help of the speed translator KEKS (Compact Unit for Cost-effective Stamp Speed Adjustment), the invention from the Technical University of Munich solves this dilemma in the form of a universally applicable standard part. The universal component integrates itself into the tool and hydraulically adjusts the speed of a production step. The current design of the KEKS allows a local speed reduction of up to 60 percent with an outer diameter of 50 and an overall height of 38 millimeters. The transmission ratio is adjustable in the range from 1 to 2.5.


The standard component (patent pending) adjusts the active element speed of individual pro-duction steps to match the optimum speed of the production process.

The advantages of the KEKS:

  • Improved quality with higher output
  • Increased efficiency of the entire tool
  • Reusable standard component (normalcy)

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