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Diaplatin – a new and powerful active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) against cancer


The new diaplatin complexes show activity against human cancer cell lines, thus proving their applicability in cancer therapy.


Cisplatin, resp. oxaliplatin, are well known API’s for the treatment of cancer.

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Nevertheless, due to the development of increasing resistance against even these well established high performance compounds there is great need for new API’s in cancer therapy.


Recently, a whole new class of API's has been created and successfully tested as being effective against some cancer lines. Some exemplary compounds of this new class of API's are already available in high enantiomeric purity for individual additional testing.

The tests carried out so far were run with the human ovarian cancer cell line A2780 and its cisplatin-resistant variant A2780cis. The results demonstrate that one enantiomer of the sample compound performed better than cisplatin.

Additional nucleotide binding experiments were also carried out, which showed good binding affinity, characteristic for high potential regarding effectiveness against cancer growth.




The (R,R)-enantiomer of cis-[1,2-diaminodiamantane] platinum(II) dichloride complex, so far exemplarily tested, showed even better performance against A2780- and A2780cis cell lines.


The new diaplatin complexes (complexes of platinum(II) with 1,2-diaminodiamantane ligands) show activity against human cancer cell lines, thus proving their applicability in cancer therapy.


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