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PHMB-slow-release granula for wound disinfection

Ref-Nr: TA-TM1092


Disinfection, periodontitis, polyhexamethylene biguanide, PHMB,
chronic inflammation


Disinfection of chronically inflamed wounds is an important prerequisite for successful healing.



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In periodontitis pockets around teeth are filled with a bacterial biofilm, which causes a local inflammation but may also provoke systemic reactions.

Apart from antibiotics in many cases chlorhexidin (CHX) is used for disinfection, which exerts release of CHX as active ingredient for a maximum time-span of 2 weeks. CHX may provoke side-effects and the available devices usually contain gelatin, which is of mammalian origin and may be the reason to refuse application by patients.



We present a gelatin-free alternative, using polyhexamethylene biguanide ("Polyhexanide", PHMB) as active ingredient instead of CHX and exerting a much longer (at least twice as long) time-span during which the active ingredient (PHMB) is released in therapeutic concentrations.

The PHMB-granula presented herein may either be single-phased or core-shell structured in order to optimize the release-kinetics of PHMB and may also contain additional agents, which support the healing process, e.g. sodium ascorbate, selenium, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin K2 or coenzyme Q10.




In contrast to the disinfection particles already known, which provide release of CHX for only about 2 weeks, the granula presented herein allow release of PHMB for at least about twice as long (available experimental data: > 56 days) and do not contain animal material (gelatin) and supply PHMB instead of CHX.


The field of application of the PHMB-granula is primarily the area of wound-disinfection and the therapy of acute or chronic inflammations, especially the disinfection of niches and (periodontal) pockets in the area of (dental) medical treatments. For these areas the application was developed and quite numerous application data is already available. But the application is not confined to dental medical treatment. Any other area of medical treatment where niche-disinfection/pocket-disinfection is required, e.g. regarding complications with diabetic necrosis and other illnesses, the PHMB-granula may be applied successfully.

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Wound treatment, Preventing of wound-infection, Therapy of acute or chronic inflammations, Wound management, Dental surgery, Periodontology

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