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PIR-Motion detector with continuous detection field and high range


  • Motion detector with continuous detection range
  • Innovative and economic lens design
  • Extends the sensitivity of existing PIR concepts


In numerous areas of life, we use motion detectors with passive infrared sensors (PIR). Lighting technology in particular would be inconceivable without them. The advantages are obvious: They are inexpensive, perform their duty over a long period of time and make everyday life easy. However, the reliable detection of movements of warm objects often proves to be problematic. The choice of the lens-design results in a compromise between the intensity of the infrared radiation hitting the sensor surface and the possible size of the detection area. Large lenses achieve high sensitivity and range, but only have a narrow detection area.

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Due to the special arrangement of two PIR sensors in combination with a special Fresnel-lens design, the presented system achieves a uninterrupted gapless detection. The prerequisite to achieve this is the geometric adjustment of the sensor position related to the optics of the Fresnel lenses. The System detects movements of warm objects reliably with a long range.


  • Long range
  • Continuous detection
  • Use of proven components (sensors and other components)

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