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Modular 3D logistics solution

Ref-Nr: TA-B80176


  • Significantly improved space utilization
  • Reduced material flow
  • High flexibility in arrangement




The arrangement of material supply or tool magazines in logistics is usually horizontal, with the space above remaining unused. Furthermore, the layout of automated manufacturing processes is based on manual production: that is why machining areas of autonomously operating machines (welding robots, testing systems, milling machines or similar) are located at a working height designated for human ergonomics.

Until today, floor-supported and linear interlinked systems have remained the standard: this causes long and inflexible travel tracks and leads to inflexible basic structures with unnecessarily high space occupation.

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The modular logistics system with vertical space utilization reduces space consumption through a very compact unit structure that is extended in vertical direction. Due to its modular design, it achieves maximum flexibility: individual processes are organized in separate, cylindrical cells. Thanks to their self-supporting standalone design, these cells can be flexibly stacked and repositioned to adapt to changes in processes.

A lifting device takes over the supply of a tower of stacked cells. Thanks to its circular design, it can reach any point of the cells in a fully variable sequence and ensures smooth material supply and discharge. A belt conveyor or a compact robot system mounted to the lifting device handles the transfers at the interfaces.

The flexibility of the lifting device not only enables workpieces, tools and containers to be transported between the vertical cells, but in addition it operates as a highly flexible interface to neighboring systems. The modular logistics concept with vertical expansion can not only supply individual towers, but also serves as an distribution hub in the material flow.


  • Significantly improved space utilization
  • Reduced material flow
  • High flexibility in arrangement
  • Logistical hub



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