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Neue bifunktionale Prodrugs mit Antikörper-Linker für gezielte Tumortherapie

Ref-Nr: TA-MBM-BioC-1848-SUG


Wissenschaftler der Universität Göttingen haben neue hochaktive Wirkstoffe sowie deren Anbindung an tumorspezifische Antikörper für die gezielte Tumortherapie (ADC) entwickelt. Die Umwandlung dieser spaltbaren Antikörper-Wirkstoff-Konjugate zu hochtoxischen Substanzen erfolgt dabei erst in der Tumorzelle.


Antibody tumor therapies have provided therapeutic benefit to patients with cancer, autoimmune diseases and other serious medical conditions. However, many antibodies lack sufficient intrinsic anti-tumor activity to be used as first-line therapeutics. Scientists at the University of Göttingen developed new and highly potent drugs with cleavable chemical linkers to develop tumor specific antibodies for selective and highly effective tumor therapy (ADC).

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Selective tumor therapy combines the benefits from classical chemotherapy and antibody tumor therapy by providing antibody-drug-conjugates (ADC). These conjugates must provide safe medical application (prodrugs) and extremely high toxicity within the targeted tumor cell (activated drug). Thus, there is a high medical unmet need to provide ADCs with stable but cleavable chemical linker to safely and effectively release highly toxic payloads.


Scientists at the University of Göttingen developed new and highly potent prodrugs/drugs with cleavable chemical linkers for ADCs. The soluble prodrugs are activated into highly cytotoxic drugs (IC50 in the pico-molar range) only in targeted tumor cells.


  • New chemical linker design based on our 2nd generation bifuncional prodrugs/drugs (Duocarmycin origin).
  • Prodrug has low cytotoxicity, whereas drug is highly totoxic in low pico-molar range.
  • Chemical linker with cleavable group for release and activation of prodrug into drug inside targeted tumor cell.
  • Expected improvement in safety through bigger therapeutic window (QIC50 Prodrug/Drug = 1.000.000).
  • Specific and effective chemical coupling to antibodies.
  • Payload with new MoA: highly toxic non-DNA binding alkylating agent.


ADC Tumor Therapy.

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