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Ref-Nr: TA-ZEE2020032600


Easy and reliable detection of mold in indoor air


We develop a novel device for detecting mold in room air by directly probing the spore contamination from the air sample. The device consists of a carrier with a nutrient-covered surface accessible to the room air. At defined sampling intervals, the carrier surface is illuminated with a suitable light source and a reflection and/or transmission measurement carried out. The sensor data is converted directly into information about possible mold contamination and provided to the end user, e.g. via an app on a mobile device. After the measurement, the carrier is conveyed a predetermined distance automatically within the sensor device, thereby enabling a quasicontinuous detection of mold in the ambient air.

The sensor device can be implemented in public or private buildings/rooms cost-effectively, and provides immediate information about the current mold infestation and, in particular, opens up the possibility of ensuring the longest possible measuring operation, from several weeks, months to years, in a measuring operation that is as self-sufficient as possible, without requiring any maintenance measures of the device itself.


  • Direct sampling of mold spores in indoor air
  • Easy use - can be employed by end users
  • Cost- and energy efficient
  • Very compact setup
  • Real-time data


  • Monitoring of mold infestation in public buildings
  • Mold testing in private rooms
  • Monitoring of critical areas, e.g. hospitals
  • Protection of cultural assets
  • General indoor air monitoring

Campus Technologies Freiburg GmbH

Dr. Kathrin Lauckner
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Mold Monitoring, Environment monitoring, sensor

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