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Verfahren zur Röntgenanalyse: Betrachtung einer Intensitäts-Differenz der von einem Kristallin ausgehenden Reflexion


Dieses Verfahren bzw. Vorrichtung zur Röntgenanalyse gibt Aufschluss über das Verhalten von Kristallen insbesondere von Nanokristallen in einer Probe. Eine Serie von Differenzbildern erlaubt eine Detailanalyse dazu, in welchem Maße und mit welcher Abhängigkeit von einem variierenden Stressparameter sich einzelne Kristalle drehen.


This innovation is related to a new powder diffraction analysis method. Since Bragg conditions for individual crystallites will change during rotation, diffraction spots on the Debye-Scherrer ring related to individual crystallites will appear and disappear as a reflex crosses the detector plane in the reciprocal space. Computational algorithms allow us to count the signals and determine the number of crystallites which pass the detector plane. The picture becomes even more interesting when only some of the crystallites rotate while the others remain stationary. Records under different stress parameters are pairwise subtracted. The series of difference images allow quantitative analysis of stress induced rotation of crystallites.

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With this technology it is possible to provide quantitative information about the quality of a sample. Grain rotation often influences integral properties of devices e.g. strength, energy conversion efficiency and electronic properties (in isolation or conduction layers) and, therefore, is useful in device production facilities.


  • nondestructive and in-situ measurements of rotation of individual crystallites
  • quantitative analysis which can be related to product quality
  • stationary setup without any moving parts
  • distribution of sizes and disorder of rotating crystallites
  • correlation of any combinations of speed, size disorder, initial orientation, preferred rotation direction, onset of rotation of rotating crystallites
  • identification of statistically relevant factors


X-Ray Diffraction, Synchrotron, Material-/Quality Testing, Analysis, Thin Films, Solar Cells


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  • DE 102014109671 erteilt
  • PCT /EP2015/065739 anhängig


X-Ray, Diffraction, Debye-Scherrer Ring, Grain Statistics

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