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  • Elektronik und Elektrotechnik

  • Medizintechnik

  • Medizintechnik

  • Maschinenbau
  • Elektronik und Elektrotechnik

  • Maschinenbau

  • Elektronik und Elektrotechnik
  • Maschinenbau

  • Maschinenbau
  • Elektronik und Elektrotechnik

  • Medizintechnik

NF-KB-activated dendritic cells

  • that has very little adverse effects and overcomes the limitations of DC based immunotherapy approaches
  • DCs activation is mediated by via mRNA...
  • Medizin und Pharma
  • Life Sciences

Piezoelectric electromagnetic ­­interference filter

  • Effective Filtering of electromagnetic disturbances
  • High tunability
  • Low-cost and broad applicability
  • Energietechnik

Prognostic and predictive Biomarker for Melanoma

  • Prognostic test for patients with malignant melanoma
  • Estimates patient life expectancy
  • Biomarker for predicts melanoma therapy response
  • Life Sciences
  • Medizin und Pharma
  • Medizintechnik

Robust wifi-based indoor localization

  • Navigation through a building with the aid of a smatphone app
  • Highly precise localization (below 1m)
  • Robustness to environmental changes

Compact unit for cost-efficient punch ­velocity control

  • Velocity modulation with respect to the upper stage tool velocity
  • Simulataneous operation
  • Quality improvement of the workpiece

Quick simulation of the load on a ­distribution grid

  • Electrical distribution grid simulation
  • Extremely small conputational time
  • Versatile implementation (small and big distribution grids)

Fast and tunable production of filters from prefabricated nanofibers

  • Wet-laying allows faster and better controllable production of filter materials
  • Allows manufacturing of a broad range of nanofiber non-wovens
  • Ideal...
  • Life Sciences
  • Material- und Werkstofftechnik

Immunotherapy for Chronic Liver Diseases

  • Novel vaccination strategy against chronic liver diseases through stimulation of IMATEs with TLR9-L
  • IMATEs are an anatomic compartment within the...
  • Life Sciences
  • Medizin und Pharma

Wear-Leveling Circuitry for Aging Effects Mitigation

  • Reactor for mass transfer reactions
  • Biotech, food and beverage processing
  • For small or deformable particles
  • Physikalische Technik
  • Life Sciences

Rotating reactor for heterogeneous ­transfer of substances

  • Reactor for mass transfer reactions
  • Biotech, food and beverage processing
  • For small or deformable particles
  • Medizintechnik

Protein Purification/Immobilization through negPeps

  • NegPeps (magnetic particle binding peptides) are novel peptides with the potential to replace the common affinity tags based protein...
  • Life Sciences

Highly Active and Selective Ligands for ­Integrin avß6

  • Highly upregulated avß6 in different types of cancer
  • Peptides with remarkable affinity and high selctivity
  • No binding affinity toward other...
  • Medizin und Pharma

One-Pot Procedure for NCC Isolation

  • ‍Conventional Production of NCC is complex, expensive and takes several days
  • Novel simplified method for NCC isolation: neutralization-based...
  • Material- und Werkstofftechnik
  • Elektronik und Elektrotechnik

3D scattering tensor based on one or two axes of rotation

  • Shorter acquisition time and fasterreconstruction procedure
  • Full scattering tensor with multipleindependent structural parameters for each volume...
  • Medizintechnik
  • Physikalische Technik
  • Material- und Werkstofftechnik

Guide vane for an axial kaplan turbine

  • Reduced exit swirl downstream of the runner and efficiency improvement
  • Reduction of the dimensions and costs of the turbine
  • Easy synchronization with...
  • Energietechnik
  • Nahrungsmittel- und Naturstoffproduktion

Reusable shielding material for gamma and neutron radiation

  • Environment Friendly
  • Cost efficient
  • Flexible and Reusable

Process for the production of alcohols

  • Synthesis gas (e.g. CO, CO2, H2) is converted by microorganisms in a bioreactor 
  • cascade of two serially connected stirred-tank reactors 
  • Utilization...
  • Chemie

A convertible multi-purpose bioreactor

  • ‍Convertible multi-purpose bioreactor provides 4in1 combination of different types of bioreactosr:
  • stirred-tank bioreactor
  • gas-lift bioreactor
  • packed-b...
  • Chemie

PH-biosensor based on hyperpolarized zymonic acid for non-invasive imaging and spectroscopy

  • Reliable and non-invasive extracellular imaging sensor to localize and quantify pH
  • Potential for diagnosis and therapy of diseases characterized by...
  • Medizin und Pharma
  • Life Sciences

Improving Stability and Secretion of ­Antibodies

  • Improvement of the biophysical properties of antibodies and enhancement of antibody secretion by imitating the stabilizing structural elements of...
  • Medizin und Pharma
  • Nahrungsmittel- und Naturstoffproduktion

HyPer: Hybrid OLTP&OLAP High ­Performance Database System

  • Simultaneous OLAP-transactions andOLTP-queries
  • Arbitrarily current and consistent snapshotsof OLTP data
  • Guarantees the ACID properties
  • Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik

X-Ray Plus Optical Data: Apparatus and Method for Augmented Visualization

  • Combined x-ray and optical imaging
  • Improved image quality
  • Large working space for surgeons
  • Medizintechnik

SNIP: A new semiconductor material

  • Tin phosphor iodide (SnIP) is a new semiconductor material
  • Photoluminescence in the visible makes it interesting for solar cells and light emitting...
  • Material- und Werkstofftechnik

Dough relaxation through electromagnetic pulses

  • Drastic shortening of the baking time
  • Easy processability of the dough
  • High controllability of the preparation parameter
  • Material- und Werkstofftechnik
  • Elektronik und Elektrotechnik

Process for the synthesis of PHB bioplastics

  • Biocompatible and biodegradable plastic with superior properties
  • Suitable for packaging, surface coating and polymer blends
  • Competitive green...
  • Life Sciences

New Catalyst System for High ­Performance Polymers

  • Superior method for the polymerization of Michael-type based monomers
  • New versatile catalyst system
  • Cheaper, fasterand  greener process
  • Chemie

Eco-friendly choline surfactants and ­detergents with high cold-water solubility

  • Highly effective eco-friendly surfactants and detergents
  • Low-temp and hard-water robustness
  • Cost-effective production from various raw materials
  • Material- und Werkstofftechnik

Speeding up combined cycle power plants

  • Gas and steam power plant are enabled to take part in the electricity spot market
  • Reduced cost by reduced fatigue damage by up to 90%
  • Retro fit...
  • Energietechnik

Infinite loop detection

  • Hardware or software implemented infinite loop detection
  • Efficient way to identify suspicious branch sequences on-the-fly
  • Improves software safety and...
  • Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik

Intuitive locomotion in virtual reality

  • Intuitive locomotion in virtual reality
  • Direction of motion determined independently of viewing direction
  • Completely compatible with existing...
  • Physikalische Technik

Filter banks and methods for operating filter banks

  • Novel implementation of DFT- based modulated filter banks
  • Less space used on the chip and longer battery lifetime
  • Wide range of applications in digital...
  • Analytik

THz and mir source at room temperature in dfg-qcls

  • THz sources at room temperature operation
  • Wide choice of substrate and wave-guide form
  • Compact, robust and easy to operate

Economical mosfet-multi-level-converter

  • Economical MOSFET-based Power Converter
  • High Efficiency Electromobility
  • Broad Range and Flexibility of Conversion Applications
  • Maschinenbau

Method for the determination of satellite correction for precise-point-positioning

  • Fast convergence of satellite corrections                      
  • Possibility of choosing the type of precessing                
  • Mutiple-frequency...
  • Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik


  • High temporal resolution
  • Measurement of the change of acustic impedence and frequency
  • Identifying and trascking of single individuals (water...
  • Energietechnik


• Efficientseparation of small molecules
• Highthroughput mass spectrometry analysis

  • Physikalische Technik


  • Higher resolution
  • Faster build up process
  • More energy efficient



  • Maschinenbau


  • Reduced cost per Ah
  • Higher throughput rates
  • Higher capacity at lower weight
  • Less production steps


  • Endogenously occuring natural peptide
  • Non-adrenergic activator
  • Increasing negative energy



  • Life Sciences


  • New selective inhibitors for treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases, such as atherosclerosis, obesity and multiple sclerosis
  • Inhibitors select...
  • Life Sciences

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