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A key issue for the utilization of organic materials is their disintegration and the associated release of valuable compounds.

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Hence, an energy-efficient direct disruption of the surface and cells of organic materials is desired for a faster and more efficient extraction of the desired substances. To this end, the invention exposes biological process material to low-energy electrical gas discharges produced by a special high-voltage electrode device. This results in a significant and sustained perforation of cellular structures.The required high voltage is generated by the resonant magnetic coupling of at least two oscillating electrical circuits. The efficacy of the method was demonstrated for various organic materials. As part of a biogas plant the technique was successfully adopted to green waste to allow rapid glucose extraction. Furthermore, the poration of a leaf illustrates that water rapidly evaporates via a multitude of micro holes in the destructed leaf‘s surface. The porated leaf shrinks within minutes demonstrating a substantially accelerated dehydration.


Accelerated release and more effective exploitation of valuable compounds from organic materials, High energy efficiency, Method and apparatus are adaptable to various applications

Scope of application

Applications: - More efficient bioengery production - Industrial production of bioethanol, sugar, starch, oils and essential oils - Drying of plants and plant parts for the production of spices, tea or herbs - Surface treatment for the introduction of substances

Industry: - Producers of biogas and bioethanol - Food Industry

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