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FMED - Fluid matrix authentic substance scent source


Test preparation for highly sensitive peroxide explosives


Safe real substance testing agents are essential for training sniffer dogs. An easily handled and reliable alternative to existing testing agents has good sales prospects here. Moreover, discussions on safety in the public arena have motivated numerous sensor developers who also need safe testing agents that are stable in storage for the validation of testing equipment.

Authentic substance testing agents available on the market for this class of substance so far are bonded to solid support materials and only have a low capacity.


As a liquid testing agent, an FMED can be dosed and applied as required. The high capacity also allows scent traces to be provided over a longer period and large amounts of explosive material to be simulated.

The FMED Invention describes a preparation of moderately volatile organic explosives (e.g. TATP) in a fluid matrix. This solvent is chemically inert and olefactorically neutral. In particular peroxide explosives with high sensitivity to friction, impact and electrostatic discharge can be handled safely this way. The explosive material can evaporate from the matrix. Therefore, the preparation is a safe scent source of authentic substance.

The invention has already been successfully tested with TATP and HMTD. Current research is working on expanding the range of applications.


  • Safe handling of peroxide explosive substances
  • Usable for volatile and highly sensitive peroxides (TATP and HMTD)
  • Long-lasting and efficient authentic substance samples
  • Production of reproducible scent sources with defined composition
  • Simple dosing
  • Conditioning of sniffer dogs and sensors
  • Inexpensive starting materials

Scope of application

The FMED invention is directed towards companies that have specialized in the development of test specimens or sensors for explosives.


PROvendis is offering licences for the invention to interested companies on behalf of the University of Bonn and Diehl BGT Defence GmbH & Co. KG.

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TATP, HMTD, explosive material, testing agents, safety

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