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Vibration sensor


Vibration monitoring with optical sensors





The vibration sensor works with two optical fiber sensors with Bragg gratings, in combination with a bending beam and a broadband light source. During passage through the two FBG sensors, the intensity of the optical signal is changed in dependence on the deflection. The intensity of light can be easily measured using an optical detector. An extensive analysis by means of a spectrum analyzer is not required. Because of the technology selected here, it is possible to measure vibrations to a frequency of 100 kHz. Due to the fact that the sensor is based on conventional technologies no new manufacturing process needs to be established.


  • Simple set-up
  • Measurements at high mechanical frequencies possible
  • Spatial separation of measuring point and evaluation unit, so no electronics at the measurement Location
  • Application in remote or difficult to access areas
  • Free of maintenance and wear
  • Use of conventional production technologies

Scope of application

The technology of the vibration sensor is designed primarily for the monitoring of pipelines. But it can be used in all areas in which mechanical vibrations are to be detected up to 100 kHz.Because it is an optical method, the vibration sensor is especially suitable for fire and explosion hazard areas. The sensors are free maintenance and wear, so the use in remote or difficult ro access areas is further simplified.


On behalf of the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, we offer interested companies licenses to the invention, and opportunities for further development of the technology.

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Vibration sensor, Vibration Monitoring, optical sensors, FBG, beam deflection

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