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Optical multiple input multiple output transmission


Common free space optical communication systems use intensity modulation, which has the drawback of a low spectral efficiency.


However, OMIMO is an improved concept for free space optical (FSO) communication. To enhance efficiency a coherent transmission is used with incoherent light sources. At the transmitter a baseband signal is phase-shifted for precoding, spatial multiplexing or beam forming. After upconversion of the baseband signal to a bandpass signal a DC-offset is added. This signal drives a light source, e. g. an LED or a laser diode by direct modulation. The receiver works with a reverse scheme. For transmitting and receiving a plurality of light source and photo detector can be used in parallel, respectively, to establish an optical MIMO concept. The steadily growing capacity demands for data transfer require more efficient high data rate services. Optical data transmission is one opportunity with potential to overcome the limits of IEEE 802.nn (wireless LAN) based solutions.OMIMO can provide a high speed optical data transmission with low cost incoherent light sources as LEDs. OMIMO could be a cost-efficient way to replace radio communication. OMIMOcan be combined with several modulation schemes.

Current status

Patent applications have been filed in Europe, in the United States and in China. The European Patent is already granted.

On behalf of the University Duisburg-Essen, we offer the opportunityof licensing and further development of the technology to interested companies.


# Coherent reception with incoherent light source # Easy to establish # Cost efficient # Flexible

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