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Heat exchanger with vibration damping


Heat exchangers for (cryogenic) electronics, for which an oscillation isolation is favorable. The connection between the cooling device and the heat exchanger is produced through heat sealing of ultrasound.


As described in the second law of thermodynamics, heat exchangers use the principle of heat always flowing from warm to cold substance flow. For this purpose, they consist of materials such as aluminum and copper, or their alloys. For this purpose, heat pipes use further evaporation heat. Heat exchanger are applied in heat dissipation of inter alia electronics of active cooling or of passive heat sinks.   

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In the course of the development of this new heat exchanger, it succeeded in realizing a very good thermal coupling along with great mechanical decoupling.  The connection between the cooling device and the heat exchanger or those with the cooling can be produced through heat sealing of ultrasound.  Moreover, the heat exchanger has a flexible and elastic area at its disposal to minimize the oscillations. There is also a heat dissipation possible for devices that are run on low temperature. Furthermore, heat loss and process heat can be exploited through recuperation. 


Heat exchanger suitable for devices that also work under lowest temperature and that need a vibration protection with simultaneous optimal cooling   

Scope of application

Cooling technology, Climate technology, Cryogenic technology, Energy technology, Energy recovery technology, Oscillation technology, Aerospace, Plant construction, Machine construction, Weld technology 

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Heat dissipation, cooling technology, reduction in structure-borne noise

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