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Localization by means of frequency-modulated beats


The invention relates to a method for localising of an objekt without the need of a GPS signal.


In many applications, determining the position of a person or an object is of primary importance. Powerful systems like GPS are available for contactless localization in particular. GPS is based on satellites that continuously emit their changing position and the exact time. From the signal propagation time the GPS receiver can then calculate its own position and velocity. Applications for GPS systems can be found only in areas where sufficient signal strength is ensured.


If the signal strength is not sufficient, then a position determination by means of electromagnetic radiation can be realized. The patent DE102006059623 entitled “Method and system for determining position” is based on this principle. Here the beats (superposition of two waves of adjacent frequencies) of two transmitters are used. Out of it, an interference pattern can be generated and the position of a receiver in the room can be determined by using a suitable modulation frequency. The problem with this method is that the resulting beat (interference) is susceptible to interference. For example, incorrect location information can result from the reflected waves and different amplitudes.


The invention relates to a method and a device for position determination. The novelty regards an extension of the patent DE102006059623 to correct said errors. This extension means that the superimposed beats are not formed in the air, but rather only in the receiver. The output signals are modulated by frequency modulation on the transmitter side to a much higher carrier frequency, and then accordingly demodulated in the receiver. The recovered useful signals are now electrically added in a simple manner and thus generate the desired evaluable beats, which are no longer influenced by external disturbances. The required structural modification on the receiver side is described in this invention.


  • Optimization of the position determination by means of modulated carrier frequencies by eliminating interference
  • Application in the field of indoor localization, for example robot navigation in a warehouse

Scope of application

  • Microsystems technology
  • Measurement technology


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  • DE 10 2011 085 769 granted


frequency modulation, Localisation, GPS, interference

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