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Method and apparatus for secure encryption of input and output devices

Ref-No: TA-PVA1327


The invention relates to a method and a device for secure encryption of data on input and output devices. The novelty of the present invention is to prevent the disturbance of encryption systems and thus lead to better data security.


Comprehensive data security is a current issue that is being debated with great attention in the media and governments in particular. The damage caused by industrial espionage in Germany alone is estimated at 50 billion Euros annually. This annual increase in economic damage and increasing cybercrime highlight the need for systems to improve the security of digital information for businesses, academic institutions, government agencies and individuals significantly.


Security in the digital network is to be ensured by encryption procedures. These are mathematical operations that convert a plain text with a key in a cipher text. This text is only readable for the receiver with the respective key code. This operation is often performed by a device (PC, smartphone) on which the running programs provide the necessary confidentiality. The proper functioning of the encryption systems, however, can be disturbed through backdoors in the software built in by the manufacturer, computer viruses or malicious software.


The novelty of the present invention is to prevent the disturbance of encryption systems and thus lead to better data security. In addition it is aimed at users who have little or no background knowledge. The inventive approach to security is based on the combination of an LCD display and the encryption method "One Time Pad". This results in the advantage that on the user side, the compromised device (PC, smartphone, etc.) only sees the encrypted information itself. At this time the decryption takes place at a secondary LCD display, which is separated with the decoding key from the actual device. Thus, none of the decoded message transmission takes place on an infected device (by spyware or malware), enabling secure transfer of information in spite of monitored devices and communication channels.


  • decoding by combining two LCD display and "One Time Pad" 
  • secure transmission despite of an infected device possible 
  • suitable for users with little technical background

Scope of application

  • Encryption technology


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  • DE 10 2014 225 002 pending


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