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The system is used for cost-effective and accurate calculation of the six degrees of freedom (6DOF) in the space, e.g. a 3D mouse, which can thus be used as an input/operating device for 3D CAD, robots, games, video playing and virtual reality systems (VR). For example, objects can be intuitively moved and rotated in 3D space as if the user holds the object in his hands. The intuitive handling, the high precision and the real-time processing promise an extremely realistic experience.


Existing 6DOF input devices calculate position and orientation at high material and processing costs. Several sensors provide accurate pose estimates, but have high data rates and require sophisticated analysis.

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Our affordable 6DOF input device is handy and very easy to use. A single image sensor (camera) is used and the data are analyzed with the lowest processing costs (8-bit microcontroller with few additional components).
The system has similar capabilities as the VR controller of the HTC Five VR glasses.


- All calculations are performed with minimal computational power and can be handled by an 8-bit microcontroller
- Wireless handheld input device
- The system components are available at a low price                                                                                - - Works with PC, TV or embedded systems

Scope of application

- Input/operating device for 3D CAD, robots, games, video playing and virtual reality systems (VR)


License or sale for commercial use

Collaboration for further development

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Dr. Rolf Hecker
+49 (0)7071-2972639
Keplerstraße 2
72074 Tübingen

Development status


Patent situation

  • DE pending
  • EP pending
  • US 9075455 granted


8-bit microcontroller, 2D, 3D mouse, 6DOF, VR, 3D-CAD, robot, games, video, virtual reality systems, Camera, medical technology, low-cost, real-time processing, input device, controller, embedded system, PC, TV

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