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Apparatus and method for intraoperative temperature monitoring and control of drilling processes in biological hard tissue


The invention relates to medical and measuring technology in the field of intraoperative sensor technology, instrumentation, surgery and machining technology. The inventive method and device provide both the recording and examination of process data and also the design of a control for the practical application.


The state of the art includes systems that examine the drilling process and the process parameter.

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However, the measurement of the temperature at the tip of a drilling tool during the drilling process and the immediate return to the process control is not possible yet.


The invention includes an infrared temperature measurement through a cannulated drill and an associated control design to adjust the feed and speed so that a maximal drilling temperature can be adhered to. The cannulated drill is driven eccentrically and closed at the tip. At the opening of the cannulated drill the infrared sensor is mounted and aligned along the axis of the cannulated drill so that the sensor points, via an aperture, to the tip of the drill bit. Optical components in the cannulated drill (e.g., a lens or fiber) enable focussing the infrared radiation and hence amplifing the sensor signal. Using a temperature model the true temperature of the drill bit can be determined in comparison to the measured temperatures. The intraoperative monitoring of the temperature while drilling into biological hard tissue can avoid thermal damages to the biological tissue and to the nerves.


  • Direct measurement of the temperature at the tip of the drill bit during drilling processes in tissue
  • All components can be integrated in one handpiece / Compact design
  • Enables a direct intervention into the active process control in contrast to previous procedures in the minimally invasive cochlear implant surgery

Scope of application

Application examples include the bone surgery in general, as well as the processing of plastics and other synthetic materials, the production of printed circuit boards and the industrial deep hole drilling.


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Development status


Patent situation

  • DE pending


drilling process, drill bit, eccentric drive unit, milling process, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hannover, hollow drill, infrared thermography, cannulated, minimally inva-sive cochlear implant surgery, control, sensor monitoring, temperature

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