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Nano-Goethite blocker


Increase yield in crude oil production


Scientists at the University of Duisburg-Essen have developed a method for modifying the hydraulic conductivity of sedimentary or rock layers.

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Here, colloidal goethite iron particles (NP) are suspended in a liquid and introduced via the borehole in the sediment or rock layers. In the pores of the sedimentary or rock layers, the pretreated particles precipitate and thus reduce the conductivity of the aqueous underground microchannels and preferential water flow paths.


  • Blocking of water flow paths in oil extraction
  • Nontoxic, inexpensive particles
  • Easy to use
  • Blockage of flow paths in the remediation of heavy metal contaminations
  • Pollutants biodegradation of impurities in sediments
  • Contaminations are adsorbed by the particles in sediments
  • Prevention of propagation of contaminants

Scope of application

The method serves to increase the ultimate recovery of oil production by modifying the water flow paths in pore space.

In addition, the particles stop the migration of toxic contaminants after accidents and damages. It prevents and/ or restricts the distribution of contaminations from the sediment by introducing non-toxic particles into the ground, reducing the water flow through the source. A secondary or tertiary degradation of petroleum in aquifers can occur and a progression of contamination in the subsurface can be prevented. The process has already proven in source remediation because it blocks possible flow paths in the remediation of heavy metal contaminants.


On behalf of the University of Duisburg Essen, PROvendis offers licenses to interested companies for the invention and the patent application. Production capacities for the production of the particle suspension are available.

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Development status

Proof of concept

Patent situation

  • DE pending


Ausbeuteerhöhung, Erdöl, Förderung, Boden, Untergrund, hydraulische Leitfähigkeit Sedimente, Gesteinsschichten, Exploitaiton enhencement, crude oil, soil, hydraulic conduction,sediments, Blockage of flow paths, rock layers

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