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Dynamic Range Extender


Optimized circuit for high frequency energy harvesting


To power electronic devices, there are different approaches. Possibilities exist to charge via the so-called "Energy Harvesting" batteries or to provide a direct source of energy. As an example: the energy of electromagnetic radiation in the 2.4 GHz band can be used for this. However, the efficiency of such devices decreases rapidly with decreasing power.

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The present invention describes a device for the recovery of electrical energy from electromagnetic radiation. The basic structure of the dynamic range extender is the balanced rectifier as it can be seen in the picture. It consists of a quadrature coupler and two rectifiers, even in a significantly lower power range (improvement by 10 to 15dB), a high efficiency in energy production can still be achieved.


  • Simple construction
  • Enlarge the dynamic range
  • Higher efficiency at low power
  • Broad field of application

Scope of application

The Dynamic Range Extender can be used in many areas. It can extend the life of electronic devices or provide power to sensors.


On behalf of RWTH Aachen, we offer interested companies the opportunity to license and develop the technology.

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Development status

Laboratory model

Patent situation

  • DE pending


Energierückgewinnung, elekromagnetische Felder, Batterielebensdauer, energy harvesting, electromagnetic fields, battery lifetime

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